This was started by Phil and Ellie - please join in! OK, so this is a fairly modest project but it's a start and we enjoyed it :-) ...

It's a Microbit controlling a buggy to change direction and tidy the floor. It uses light dependent resistors to control the motors by following a line, pushing things out of the way as it goes along. We thought it could be like those vacuum cleaners or lawnmowers that go back when the reach the edge - is that even how they work? Does anybody know? :-s

We made the motors to go on and off regularly, because we remembered from our science lessons that the friction is higher with things that aren't moving. What that means is our tidying-up buggy can push heavier objects from a standing start than it can when it's already moving (hope that makes sense).

Our question to you is - how do we make it better?

There's a challenge on the home page about reversing when it hits something, so I wonder if anybody knows how to do both of those things (reverse and then follow a line again) in one code, in case it hits a door or something. Also, somebody mentioned to us we should look at getting the buggy to back against a wall if it's dark, so that nobody trips on it - does anybody know how to do that? Can it be done using the Microbit accelerometer? And is that even how you spell accelerometer??!!

Can you please add any ideas to the discussions below?

Good luck! Phil

Here's the Kitronik buggy when it was built, which took us around two hours to build as some bits are fiddly and I dropped a little screw! Top tip from Ellie - she put a sock over the end of the vacuum cleaner to find it! The board took me around an hour to assemble and solder, as I'm not the best at soldering :-( any tips welcome...


Next I remembered seeing Adrian's code for making it go forward and backward and spin so I tried that first. There are other examples online if you look around but I used his which is here (this should open in a new window):

When we got used to what Adrian's code was doing we played around with it a bit, and added some bits and replaced others. There are a few editors as some of you will know, and we used the Touch Develop block editor. The editors should open in a new window if you click this

Here's our code, and a short video of it (slowly) tidying my office - the dogs love it!

What do you think?