Conservation of Energy
What could be better for examining the conservation of energy than making your own torch, and then building an IET table tennis ball launcher?
In Medway, UK Mr Frost and his Sixth Form Engineering Society designed these projects for their younger peers to complete. We need more inspirational teachers to take up iSTEM+, KIKS and the Digital Ambassador framework.
Three sixth formers (Rory, Oscar and Michael) designed, prepared and delivered projects during Tomorrow's Engineers Week 2016. As a theme, they decided on the conservation of energy; a fascinating and relevant challenge.

ball launcher.png

First of all, the students build table tennis ball launchers, then they used IR thermography cameras to look at where the energy conversion processes were taking place.

Cons Energy.jpg

FLIR0083.jpg FLIR0082.jpg

Some food for thought...
We used small multi-meters to work out the current and voltage drawn by the motors, so we could calculate the power there. The IR cameras worked a treat at identifying were the motors in the launchers were getting hot - maybe we could cool them?
But the real big challenge was capturing the data of how the balls were travelling, so that we could look at how much of the energy in the motors got into the ball as kinetic energy.
Does anybody out there know, is this possible using any ideas from the other projects that are shown? Could we use Tracker, GeoGebra, Bitty or anything else to get Microbits to track the balls?!