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Started by Rainham school and Phil, in this project a Kitronik buggy is controlled by Microbit including use of the onboard accelerometer to change direction on impact. If you're new to circuits etc the it might be worth first seeing the information on polarity, motors and capacitance although you don't "have to"! Maybe just have a go! At a school in Kent, the Year 11 Engineering Society members designed the activity to challenge their colleagues in Years 9, 10 and 12 during Tomorrow’s Engineers Week (7 to 11 Nov 16).

Resources required:
  • Microbit and access to the website.
  • Kitronic buggy with motor driver board.
  • Prototyping board.

URLs for information:


A short video - how can we make this work better?!

--------------------------------Taken up by Oscar and Colegio San Jose students-------------------------------------
In the first part of this video, we solder some of the components for the line following system, and in the second part, our students build and set up the buggy!

Now, we are testing the code through Microsoft Touch Develop... So, in a few days, we'll let you know how it's working!!

--------------------------------Back to Phil 14 Feb 2017:-------------------------------------
That's fantastic work; good luck with Touch Develop! I'm jealous of your soldering and your film production!

Hopefully a few of us who are students can share these projects soon - I see Rory from Rainham Mark Grammar School has joined the wiki, so hopefully he'll invite some friends along and have a chat on appear.in/CCITE.

Here's a short couple of videos of Tsige and Rosie, from the SE England STEM Learning team, and they're driving one of these buggies using a Microbit as the remote control, with another Microbit controlling their traffic lights. Somebody said this is a good advertisement for driverless cars!!!

We got the remote control code from the UK Computing at School resources here but it looks like Adrian has given us a lot of guidance on the sheets he's sent around too (by the way you'll need to register for a free account to log in to Computing at School, but it's worth it).

Next step is use Adrian's guide to make an "Internet of Things" safety override for the remote control, so that the lights can stop the car if they're on red. Hmmm....