The result: A Chain Reaction featuring chemical reactions, football, robots, microbits and more!

The process:

We had a great introductory skype between Westbridge Adademy and Sydan-Laukaa school. The Finnish students presented their excellent Shadow Theatre in English:

Teacher Mike from Westbridge presented a number of things they are working on, including ideas for a Rube Goldberg machine: "a contraption, invention, device, or apparatus that is deliberately over-engineered to perform a simple task in a complicated fashion" Wikipedia.

rube goldberg.jpg

The idea is to develop a chain reaction using micro:bits to control various parts, such as gates, bridges - there are huge possibilites.

Why is this idea so cool??? A Westbridge student (who did not wish to appear on video), when asked his opinion on the micro:bit stated:

Quite good...actually really good
Super simple
I'm more interested in physical things (than software) and this allows you to control things
So the project is much more than micro:bits and allows students a wider choice of activities to develop their skills.

We left the conference with Mike thinking: So how do we do a Chain Reaction from UK to Finland?!

--------------------------------Taken up by
Mirka and Sydan-Laukaa

We could plan for example like this:
Every group does a little chain reaction, where a ping-pong ball comes in from the left and goes out from the right. (If there is something else than a ping-pong ball moving in between the start and the finish is very ok).

The track of one group will take about one minute on the film (If it´s a long track, we could edit some speed in it).

The person who does the final edit can choose, how the tracks look good together. (The idea with the golden ratio was to choose for every group a different starting and ending point. But if one group cannot make the track for some reason, it mixes the whole plan of the ball moving in the film. Now everybody can join also later in this project.)

Every group can also think of putting something along the track what presents or shows in which country or city the ball is moving.

Let´s keep on planning. (My group can be ready 20.4 with the track. We can start making it after the festival in Cambridge.
--------------------------------Back to Mike and Westbridge-------------------------------------
Working on the chain reaction project. Logistically we are going to have to film things in sections and the edit them together. We have lots of sections and are planning how to link them.

Looking at having a link with Finland on the 21 June if that is possible. Thinking the link would be in the morning and then we would open up the school in the afternoon so people can visit and see things in person.
students, Mirka and Kristof
Mirka's team in Finland is already working on the 'chain reaction' project. During making it, we faced with several challenges in connection with documenting the activity, so the result won't show that the 'same' ball is travelling through the participating countries, but anyway, we find it worth to do it. We simplified the editing: let's make it so that the ball is entering from the left side and leave the scene on the right.