Here's the Experience Workshop BBC micro:bit program in Finland and Hungary - with a great example project: Chess Clock!

Chess Clock.jpgChess Clock

Jyväskylä Christian School has received BBC micro:bits through the collaboration of the teacher Jukka Sinnemäki with Experience Workshop (, Kristof Fenyvesi) and, and we have had the chance to get familiar with them and create some projects of our own. One of our project was creating a usable chess clock using two micro:bits and MIcroPython. The two micro:bits are connected through Bluetooth and both have a clock on the display indicating the amount of time left. Pressing the a button on one of the devices, makes the clock on the other devices display start counting down, until the a button is pressed. If time runs out on either of the devices, both display a message to indicate which player ran out of time. The newest version of the code also allows the players to change the length of the game in the micro:bits interface.