wooh.jpgIn this project an inexpensive improvised Theremin (the instrument used for the original “wooh-WARRH” Star Trek soundtrack) is replicated using ultrasonic sensors with Arduinos, programmed by Raspberry Pi running the Arduino IDE (based on C/C++). OK, so the more observant of you will notice that I haven't mentioned Microbit! Can it be done with Microbit? Do any of you know how to do it?!

If you're new to microprocessors and electronics then it could be worth seeing the sessions on polarity and lighting circuits, and capacitance. At a school in Kent, the Year 11 Engineering Society designed this activity to challenge their colleagues in Years 9, 10 and 12 during Tomorrow’s Engineers Week (7 to 11 Nov 16). Maybe they can add some comments and clues below to help us?

Resources required:
  • 2 x Arduino with Arduino IDE loaded on a Raspberry Pi.
  • 2 x HC SR-04 Ultrasonic sensor.
  • 2 x 32 Ohm speakers
  • 24 x M/F jumper leads.

URLs for interest:


See an early version - can we make it better?!